RPA Software launches the Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) cloud platform with the Kofax RPA product.

What is Robot as a Service and what do we offer
RaaS is a virtual platform that helps seamless integration of robots and embedded devices between web platform and virtual cloud environment.
Software RPA service possibilities (RaaS) includes fundamental components for the automation of current business processes, containing the following solutions:

✦ Process automation - Robotic process automation to automate business processes and / or repetitive tasks.
✦ Intelligent decisions - Automation of decision-making in processes.

✦ There is no installation at customer environment.
✦ Unattended robot launch programming.
✦ Launching attended robots.
✦ Cloud service for process automation and customer experience, fully managed and provided by Software RPA.
✦ Certified and trained solution experts to configure, test and maintain the RaaS environment.

✦ Cloud platform with strict security measures based on confidentiality, integrity and availability.
✦ High-performance Data Centers have the most advanced technological infrastructure.
✦ Comply with all security and privacy requirements ( ISO 27001: 2013 , ISO 9001 and LOPD ).
✦ Publish secure services from certified data centers, located and managed within the EMEA area.
Client isolation through Docker technology (separate projects, users and databases).

Process Implementation
Software RPA is in charge of consulting, developing and managing processes on the RaaS platform.
✦ We define and analyze the processes together with the client.
✦ Test phase prior to deployment in production validated by the customer.
Agile Project Management during process development.

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