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Kofax Intelligent Automation solutions enable you to initiate tomorrow's digital transformation today, transforming your data- and resource-intensive business processes.

Automate. Transform. Satisfy.

Work smarter, faster, better and cheaper eliminating manual processes and digitally transforming your high-value business workflows.

Kofax RPA is a market-leading AI-powered platform that automates business processes using intelligent software robots that work 24/7. With Kofax RPA, companies can achieve exceptional benefits in terms of operational quality, speed and cost.


✦ Unified Robot Designer

✦ Versatile robot automation

✦ Implementation, execution and centralized management of robots

✦ Cognitive automation of documents

✦ Extensible architecture

✦ Scalability and business performance

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✦ Automated discovery of RPA processes and indicators

✦ Integrated web browsing engine

✦ Develop and share reusable robot components

✦ Life cycle management of company robots

✦ Synthetic application programming interface for robots

✦ Extensive security control

✦ Robot Powered Microapps

✦ Smart screen automation

✦ Detailed audit and log


✦ Free your employees from repetitive tasks.

✦ Increase operational efficiency without adding more people.

✦ Eliminate manual activities and human error.

✦ Integrate robots without investing months of development.

✦ Optimize business data collection and make decisions.

✦ Complete processes and obtain more accurate and reliable results.

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    Versatility meets the needs of your business

    How can a robotic digital workforce replace manual people-based processes in your organization? Here are some examples of using RPA:

    Power your processes with digital workforce

    Integration through UI:
    Duke Energy


    ✦ Need to improve the quality of the service to maintain a solid position in the market

    ✦ The deficiencies in the systems are translated into business processes carried out manually


    ✦ Kofax becomes the standard in RPA

    ✦ Ability to scale and support a large number of robots

    ✦ Workers can create robots, reducing creation time by 60-70%

    ✦ Support for unique requirements to automate website and document data


    ✦ Substantial reduction in response time to customer requests from 3 days to minutes

    ✦ 75% of requests received are now processed automatically

    Empowering knowledge workers:
    Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group


    ✦ Limited resources due to an aging workforce and a very scarce labor market

    ✦ Need to digitally transform the organization to achieve long-term competitive advantage


    ✦ Kofax as standard RPA based on product architecture, Citrix support, and job map.

    ✦ Decision made in a comprehensive analysis of the product.

    ✦ Integrated with central banking, mainframe and Citrix applications for loan processing, currency exchanges, global customer insight, etc.

    ✦ 2000 examples of use identified; 70,000 robots are expected to be used.


    ✦ 900 ROBOTS were deployed in production environments in 10 months